Does the value of my house increase if I install a solar panel system?
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May 17, 2020

Does the value of my house increase if I install a solar panel system?

Various studies in the United States and Mexico have shown that properties with solar energy systems are sold at higher prices compared to houses with similar characteristics and the value of the property increases by 4% or more; Plus, installing solar panels not only helps you get a higher selling price, it allows you to sell your home 20 percent faster.

Contrary to other investments, the installation of a solar energy system takes less time to obtain a return on investment, considering this, if you never sell your house, the installation pays for itself many times over. But, if you decide to sell, you will get a better price, which will cover the initial cost of your installation.

Recognizing that solar energy adds value to a property, the real estate industry is working on more precise methods to determine the value of a property to increase, some points to take into account are:

  1. The location of the house
  2. The size and quality of the facility
  3. Home value

Generally the value of the home is related to the size of the property the larger the size receiving the higher face values in the value of the property. However, this increase often represents a smaller percentage of the total value.

Isabel Suarez

isabel suarez

May 17, 2020